Saturday, April 23, 2011

S - is for SILENCE

In the Garden - Elvis Presley

O.K. - So I know I'm a few days behind. but I don't really care, so hopefully you won't either:)

I love the sound of silence.  Yes, I know that is hard to believe as much as I like to run my mouth but it's true dat.  Many times Blake and Logan will come home and I have no T.V. blaring, no radio playing, nothing, just silence.'s a beautiful thing.

One of the reasons I love silence is because it is only when I become still, and silent, that I can hear God's voice and I do love the sound of God's voice.  There is a passage in the Psalms that says - Be still and know that I am God.  In our hustle and hurry world it is easy to miss the sound of God's voice.

God talks to me every day, as does Jesus.  Now I know some of you might be wondering why They would talk to a wild child like me and not to you.  The answer is, They are probably trying to talk to everybody but maybe everybody can't hear Them because of all of the noise, noise, noise.

When I take time to be still and be silent God starts talking and it comes in such a stream I can barely take it all in.  I often grab a notebook and start writing stuff down.  There is so much that God is trying to tell me.  I receive instructions on things I am supposed to do, people who I am supposed to minister to or love on, people who need encouragement.  I ask questions and the answers come to me as plain as day.  Sometimes God points out to me things I could have handled differently.  Not in a mean, condemning way, but in a loving, constructive way.  It is truly an amazing thing.

My point in writing this is to deliver a message from God to you.  If you feel that you have no connection to the Divine; if you feel that God is not listening or that God doesn't care, you are mistaken.  Find a place where it is quiet and still.  Make some time for Spirit to talk to you and I promise you will not be disappointed.  God will speak to you, but sometimes God's voice is heard only within the sound of silence.


  1. I know sometimes I have a problem being still and letting Him work. I hand things over to Him and take 'em back and worry a little more. Uh, He don't like that too much either. LOL