Friday, November 11, 2011

V - is for Veterans

I have great respect and admiration for America's veterans.  All of my grandfathers were veterans of WWII,  Charles Cecil Causey, U.S.Marine Corp, Earl Homer Ravencraft, U.S. Navy, and Joe D. Pittman, U.S. Army.  My father, Earl W. Ravencraft, was in the National Guard.  I come from a long line of veterans and warriors.  As I have mentioned before, my great, great, great, etc. grandfathers, fought in the Revolutionary War to establish this country as a sovereign nation.  Needless to say, I love my veterans.

I often wonder where would we be if it weren't for our veterans.  Would I possibly be speaking Japanese or German now instead of English?  Would I live in a free country or would I suffer under the rule of a nasty dictator?  Who's to say where we would be if it weren't for our veterans.

In the meantime, I wrote a little poem in honor of our veterans and our currently serving warriors.  It goes a little somethin' like this:

You walk the streets and shout for peace
Waving signs and carrying cards.
Don't you realize that peace
Is what they're fighting for?

The very reason your freedom of speech
You're able to exercise,
Is due to the fact that braver ones than YOU
Have fought and given their lives.

I recognize your democratic right
To express your feelings and views,
But I also plead that you respect
The ones who've bled for you.

So as you protest, hoist your signs,
Demonstrate and spew your crap,
Remember the warrior who proudly served
So you could do just that.

For these brave men and women
Have stood in the gap throughout time,
So you and I may live in freedom
Here in our own lives.

God bless America and her WARRIORS!