Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for - Contentment

When I began contemplation of the letter "C" there were so many choices.  Choices, was actually a topic I considered, along with Crossroads, Commitment, Consistency and a host of others.  Alas, I finally settled on the word contentment.

I feel it is important to be content, but not to become complacent.  Is there a difference?  Well, I believe there is and I believe this is one of the HUGE problems facing our country today.  In a sad reversal of priorities we have become complacent and discontent.

To be content means to be happy enough with what one has; being able to be satisfied with the blessings one has without always wanting something more, something newer, something we deem "better".

To be complacent means we have become self-satisfied, smug.  We have become lazy and unaware of the dangers and deficiencies which have befallen us.

I know I have been guilty of both.  I let my malcontent with what I had, and what I could afford, drive me into building a small mountain of debt for myself.  Instead of being satisfied with what I had, I always wanted the newest, the shiniest, the fastest, the "best" there was.  I was totally in the "keeping up with the Jones' mode".  Also, because of my complacency, I was ignoring the dangers signs and the deficiencies of the path I was on and the glaring SHARP TURN AHEAD sign that was looming in front of me.

We all have to learn in our own manner.  I am now learning the hard way the error of my ways.  I am learning to be content with what I have, and... what I can afford.  I'm actually enjoying it. Alot of the stress of keeping up, was aleviated the moment I realized that path was a dark and treacherous one, frought with heartache and disappointment.  The veil has been lifted from my complacent eyes and I am thankful. 

Contentment.  It's a great word!  One I am learning to appreciate more and more everyday.  I hope you will too.


  1. Lovely. Now if the politicians would just get the message, maybe things will turn around! Have a blessed day!

  2. Hugs! Ah, the beauty of contentment... :)

  3. You should have been doing this all along Renee, I love your blog! -=)

  4. I am AWARE of my BREATH and I am very CONTENT <3

  5. Ahhh... I love you sista Annie!!!!