Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J - is for JESUS

Jesus is in trouble.  When people worship him today - or even speak his name - the object of their devotion is unlikely to be who they think he is.  A mythical Jesus has grown up over time.  He has served to divide peoples and nations.  He has led to destructive wars in the name of religious fantasies,  The legacy of LOVE found in the New Testament has been tainted with the worst sort of intolerance and prejudice that would have appalled Jesus in life.  Most troubling of all, his teachings have been hijacked by people who hate in the name of love.~~The Third Jesus; Deepak Chopra

When I first read the above words they literally struck a chord in me and I thought - Mr. Chopra you have hit the nail on the head. If Jesus came back today and saw what is being done in his name, if he saw the way people who call themselves by his name treated other people, I think he would be heartbroken. And believe me... I think he already sees and he already knows...

Most of you have probably heard about my friend, Jesus.  He's been around for quite a while and most everybody has at least met him in some form or fashion. For some it was a positive experience, and for others, maybe not quite so because of the person doing the introductions.

Today I'd like to introduce you to MY Jesus, my superhero.  Come along now, dahlins...

My Jesus was a rebel.  He wasn't some mush mouthed wimp. No sirrree! He went against the grain.  He stirred things up.  He got under peoples' skin.  He was radical.  He hung out with the unsavory people.  You know, the hookers and the lepers and the tax collectors. He touched people that others wouldn't even get within a mile of.  He was just cool like that.

He came to bring a message of unconditional love and hope.  He came to teach us how to re-connect with God.  He had a radical vision which he tried to share with all of human kind.  He knew the secret to living life more abundantly and he tried to pass on his vision to others. But as is the case with most anything that we humans get our greedy little hands on, we screwed it all up.

I say that because most anywhere you go these days and get introduced to Jesus, if you want to become close to him there are "conditions".  My Jesus loved everybody and he didn't place "conditions' on his love.  He didn't say, "Well, I'll love you if you quit smoking and drinking, or I'll love you if you go to this certain church and worship this certain way, or I might think about loving you if you agree to do lots of works in my name."  NOPE...his message was for everybody, every race, culture and creed.  He did not judge, he did not place conditions on his love, he simply loved.

I recently read a post about some friends who were having a big brew haha within their "white" church because some of the congregation wanted to invite "black" people to the church. Squeeeeee! Evidently, some of the members had a problem with this.  They didn't want black people in their church....and they called themselves Christians.  Yeah...right... (I got a little secret for them.  I'm not sure what "color" Jesus was but I can guaran-dang-tee you he wasn't white!)

I heard about another church, here in my little neck of the woods ,which wanted to pass rules against allowing gay people into their church....and they called themselves Christians.  Yeah...right...

And then last, but not least, I heard about a church that actually asked their pianist to leave the church because she and her husband were getting a divorce and they didn't think it would be "proper" for her to remain on as the pianist in light of the "situation".  I know this story to be absolutely true because I was the pianist.  At that particular time in my life I needed the support and love of Christian brothers and sisters more than I ever have in my life and yet...they kicked me out...and they called themselves Christians.  Yeah...right... 

But, ya know what?  Those folks kicking me out of their chuch didn't change my feelings about Jesus, my superhero, one bit.  He just came in and filled up that big ole hole they had kicked in me with a whole lot of love...because He's cool like that.

So I guess I say all of that, to say this.  If you've been mistreated by someone who calls themselves by HIS name, don't hold it against HIM.  As his friend, I can assure you he would not treat you that way and neither would I.  We love you right where you're at, just as you are...because we're cool like that:)


  1. Well said, Renee, well said. I'm a big fan of Jesus, and we've had some very interesting conversations. I don't do organisational religion, it always seems to turn into a segregational thing. ((Hugs)) over your personal story; how unsupportive (and unfortunately, quite typical.)

  2. WOW WOW WOW This is one of the best written pieces I have read about Jesus in a very long time. I am honored to call you my friend. I am not a christian and you understand faith enough to respect that and just keep right on loving me anyway!! You Go Girl~~~this is fantastic!!! :)

  3. ::two thumbs up:: for saying what has needed to be said for a very long time! <3

  4. Thank you, ladies. Heart hugs to you all.

    @Lori - How could ANYBODY NOT love you? You are love in motion dahlin!!

  5. My dear friend, you are amazing! I have to agree with Lori, one of the most well written pieces I've ever read about Jesus. Much love to you Renee. xoxo

  6. Bravo! I imagine a certain someone (He knows who I'm talking about) is extra proud of you right now. :)

  7. Thanks, friends. I love all of you so much!! I must admit I was quite nervous about writing this but He insisted:) Said He wanted somebody to tell His story, His way.

  8. Awesome!! Incredily well put! I've been trying to tell people this for years! Thanks! :)<3

  9. I'm re-posting this Renee! It totally says what I feel, only like better and stuff. I had an experience like yours, an only too common occurrence -=( I got down on Jesus for a long time, thank you for reminding me who he really is. You're a special person /hugggles

  10. Feeling the love here peeps and THAT is what it is all about. THANK YOU!!

  11. Jesus wudn't real impressed with religion anyway. He especially wudn't impressed with religious nuts claiming to represent Him, but falling way short of what He was all about.

    The only religion He cared for was pure religion. Pure religion is sinless before God. He said that this type of religion took care of the fatherless and widows. What other religions do that? They judge the mothers of fatherless children. They don't offer help to widows after the funeral anymore. =( Too dang much judging going on...and their judging? it don't matter one whit.

    Renee, you are what Jesus is all about. You. Your unconditional love everyone. He gave us 2 things to do - Love God and Love one another. It's just that simple. No judging. Just loving. You got it right, girl. You sho got it right. =)